Tips on travelling to Rome- Italy🇮🇹

1. Be prepared to walk a lot. Pack those comfy sports shoes and please don’t forget the baby/ toddler carrier; strollers can be quite impractical with the unevened ancient streets of Rome. 👟 🚶 

2. Start your trip with the free city tour (google them, they usually meet up at Piazza Spagna at 10am everyday except Sundays). It helps you know the city well, what to visit and your tour guide can assist you with any questions you have. Did I mention it’s for free? 💰 

3. Vatican City- beautiful and cannot be missed! If you didn’t book online, go in the morning to the museum entrance- there’s usually a long queue but they are super amazing with you when you have a kid! We went in directly and got our tickets there! Also for the church, try to go at around 4pm because the queue is more bearable then, 40 minutes and we were in! (Usually it’s a 2 hours wait) 🇻🇦 ⛪️ 4. Colosseum is beautiful at both day and night. If you travel during peak season like we did, you will probably hate the day queue or end up paying a lot for a tour guide to take you in. Instead you can opt for the night show, it’s pretty empty and you go inside the colosseum! 🎼🎬🎟

5. Go for both Julius Caesar and Augustus shows which are at around 8pm. Great history there and worth the money.🎭

6. 3 nights are enough time for Rome, you can try Florence or Venice if you are staying for longer (we didn’t because we had Vienna planned already) ✈️

7. Rome is an open museum so walk as much as you can because there’s something to see in every corner. 👀

My overall impression was amazing and I’d love to visit again. That being said, I think it’s not suitable for kids between 2 to 7 because they might find it ‘boring’ and you won’t be able to do much. With Joy, she was in the carrier (most of the time) and was pleasantly quiet throughout the 2 hours live show of Julius Caesar and Augustus which I doubt a 3 year old can bare!