What new mamas in Dubai need to know!

July 18, 2017


Over the past months I have experienced a whole different world with Joy and it’s important to share what helped and what didn’t for mummies to be and also, for my own reference with kid number 2 (not happening anytime soon I hope!)


First off, I am so thankful for mummy groups on social media. There are many small things that happen everyday and unless you want your doctor to block your number, these groups can be super useful. Of course, you always trust your instincts when you feel the baby might be ill you should take them to the doctor but you can find answers to simple questions from other mommy experiences. Also try to avoid Google at all cost unless you want to live in fear every time she coughs (because Google says coughing is not the usual for kids under 6 months) or when she sleeps side way (because Google will always bring up SIDS although it is less common than we think).


Next are the little things that made life a little easier for us with Joy as she had the big R- Reflux. If you were lucky enough to go reflux free with your kids, you are super lucky!! Reflux isn't too serious but it means a full washing load everyday. Twice. It also means you smelling like expired milk most of the time and a sore arm because you have to carry your baby for 30 minutes after every feed! What made it better??

  1.  Lots and lots of bibs. I found my favourites at mum and co. but bibs are everywhere and easy to buy so stock up on them if you got hit by the reflux train.
  2. Babies with reflux should have their head slightly elevated during sleep to avoid choking. So that’s where the Bymoov Cosymat Cot Wedge – Smokey from Mumzworld came in handy. It also helped after feeding to have less spit out when she had her head up.
  3. It helped to have a playmat that could easily be put in a washing machine. We were gifted the playmat from Mothercare and it was great, Joy still enjoys it till date and we have it washed atleast once a week.


Other than the reflux aid tools, we also got amazing simple things that made our life much easier.


The all in one bed (Graco Pack 'n Play)


That’s not its name but I would still love to call it that!! We got this bed from Babyshop and it has it all- a changing table that is so perfectly the same height as you so you need not bend and break your back with your nappy change. Also it is made to stay with your baby till she/he is around  3 so it is adjustable. And for now as Joy is on the higher level, the empty space in the bottom means more storage space for us. Yay us!


A sink


Now we all have a sink but did you know it is the best way to clean your baby with every diaper change?? It has saved us the trouble of wetting cottons or using wipes too early on (not recommended in the first month) and it ensures the baby is really clean until the next explosion. Also your baby will really enjoy the warm water and will help them enjoy bath time even more.


Breastfeeding/ Maternity Clothes


After giving birth I went on to look for nursing clothes, it wasn’t easy and then I finally found smartmother.me. They have some great styles and  more importantly, they have both maternity and breastfeeding clothes. I know some would wonder why would I be pregnant and breastfeeding, but it works the other way around; you can buy it when you are pregnant and keep wearing it post pregnancy during your nursing days!!


Of course, the ultimate thing that would’ve majorly helped was knowing it will ALL BE OK. My first few days I was very stressed, worrying about every little thing, always thinking I must be doing something wrong. But no, I wasn’t and you are not either, you are doing well and it will ALL BE OK.

Just ask my little monkey who at this very moment is purposely making spit bubbles for entertainment. No throw up, cough, reflux or stuffy nose has stopped her from growing each day making me long for the future, wondering what more surprises it holds for us.



So that’s it from my end, what about you?? What helped you during your first months? I would love to hear about your experiences!