Koala Kare Changing Station (Limited Home Smart Edition)

Why I LOVE it:

  • Koala Kare is the world's most popular manufacturer of baby changing stations
  • Designed durable & reliable for extreme public commercial use (as seen in most malls public bathrooms)
  • Made in USA with American & European certifications
  • Exclusive home bathroom edition only available via SmartMother.me
  • Universal cream colour for great wall and bathroom match
  • Fitted with removable, comfortable and water resistant safe four sided pad +2 super soft covers
    (also Made in USA!) 
  • Comes with installation at your UAE home by our team
    (we deliver in UAE, install and demo for you: no additional charges)
  • Best & most convenient location for a changing table is bathroom
    (NOT bedroom!)
  • Reality is changing baby = washing baby
    (at least a little but most likely a lot!)
  • Perfect to dry and dress baby after a bath
  • Works fantastically well with Smart Eco-Station
    (special offer if you’re reading this: save AED 100 on Smart Eco-Station! Just add both to your Cart & enter promo code at checkout: SAVE100AED)
  • No other changing table required, saves bedroom space
    (use baby bedroom dresser top for storage or decoration instead)
  • Compact and convenient: stays flat on the wall when closed 
    (I also use mine as a shelf when doing laundry +underneath is a perfect space for laundry baskets!)


    Designed & Made in USA

    Great Features:

    • Unique features described in ‘Highlights’
    • Polypropylene material resists water, odours and cleans easily
      (we advise against using other brands wooden changing tables in bathrooms)
    • Antimicrobial finish to prevent bacterial growth and odours
    • Measurements:
      - High: 56 cm (22 in)
      - Wide: 89 cm (35 in)
      - Deep (when closed): 10 cm (4 in)
      - Deep (when open): 58 cm (23 in)
      - Weight: 13 kg (29 lbs)
    • Minimum recommended wall space for great fit:
      - 140 cm x 140 cm (16 in x 16 in)
    • Easily supports 90 kg (200 lbs)
    • Removable pad comes with 2 beautiful covers: Light Beige/Yellow & Light Green
      (made of soft stretchy high quality hypoallergenic polyester)
    • Meets standards for performance by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), European (EN), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
    • Same price with special conditions apply if purchased without installation
      (for details please Contact Us)

    Be Baby Safe

    SmartMother.me provides basic baby safety guidance, these are the minimum steps you should consider. We recommend you follow our advice in addition to doing your own research into the best ways to keep your baby safe plus we highly recommend that you take an infant first aid course (I personally sleep better at night knowing I could save my daughter’s life with CPR). SmartMother.me gladly provides baby safety tips under the understanding that you are responsible for your baby’s security at all times keeping in mind not using reasonable precautions may lead to baby injuries. It is well documented that falling from changing stations is a common cause of injury in babies and young children.

    • Buckle the safety strap, but don’t depend on it alone to keep your baby secure
    • Always keep one hand on your baby to prevent falls
    • Keep both hands on baby when switching from one hand to another
    • For the avoidance of doubts: your baby should never be on the changing station without one of your hands securely in holding position, even for a moment
    • In you have any safety questions please Contact Us

    Free UAE Shipping:

    Koala Kare Changing Station (Limited Home Smart Edition) comes with FREE shipping and installation at your UAE home.

    We will contact you to schedule a convenient day and time to deliver, install and demo the product for you at no additional charges.

    Our aim is to visit you as early as possible, please allow for 2 to 3 weeks for appointment scheduling after placing your order (if possible, we would LOVE to visit you earlier!).

    Check out our Simple Shipping Policy for more details. 

    30 Days EASY Refunds & Returns:

    I confidently give you 30 days to love your purchase – and if you don’t PLEASE return it and I will exchange or refund your item with a smile!

    Special notes for Koala Kare Changing Station (Limited Home Smart Edition):

    • We will de-install/re-install at no additional charges if the product is defective or we made a mistake (of course!)
    • You will de-install/re-install if you would like to return or refund for any other reason (we are happy to quote you separately for that)
    • In all cases:
    • You are responsible for your wall condition such as patching holes, repainting, etc. (we are happy to quote you separately for that)
    • We manage UAE returns and refunds shipping end-to-end
    • We pay for it (two ways in UAE)

    Check out our Easy Refunds Policy for more details.

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    What smart mums are saying about us...

    THANK YOU! This is THE product I've been waiting for. After five months of using the Smart Eco-Station instead of baby wipes, my baby’s bum skin is so soft and smooth that I only wish I knew about it earlier.
    Tahani, mother of 3, Bahrain

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    SmartMother.me is amazing! I got matching undies and I couldn't be happier! I've spent a lot of $$ in the past which has been a complete OVERpayment, but SmartMother.me is worth every Dirhams.
    Oxana, mother of 1, Dubai

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    By far this is the best selection of affordable breastfeeding clothes I found online in Dubai. I feel good when I wear something nice that’s also practical. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, and SmartMother.me was the perfect choice to support it.
    Mira, mother of 2, Dubai

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I spend most of my time with my lovely daughter (and a little one on the way)…and I like to wear comfortable clothes that are functional and easy to maintain… SmartMother.me checked all those boxes for me! Thanks Nastya!
    Charlotte, mother of 2, Dubai

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    Smart Mother
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    65D 30D 30D 80D 0D 8D
    65E 30DD 30DD/E 80E 0DD 8E
    65F 30E 30DDD/F 80F 0E 8F
    65G 30F 30G 80G 0F 8G
    65H 30FF 30H 80H 0FF 8H
    Smart Mother
    70B 32A 32B 85B 1A 10B
    70C 32C 32C 85C 1C 10C
    70D 32D 32D 85D 1D 10D
    70E 32DD 32DD/E 85E 1DD 10E
    70F 32E 32DDD/F 85F 1E 10F
    70G 32F 32G 85G 1F 10G
    70H 32FF 32H 85H 1FF 10H
    Smart Mother
    75B 34B 34B 90B 2B 12B
    75C 34C 34C 90C 2C 12C
    75D 34D 34D 90D 2D 12D
    75E 34DD 34DD/E 90E 2DD 12E
    75F 34E 34DDD/F 90F 2E 12F
    75G 34F 34G 90G 2F 12G
    75H 34FF 34H 90H 2FF 12H
    Smart Mother
    80B 36B 36B 95B 3B 14B
    80C 36C 36C 95C 3C 14C
    80D 36D 36D 95D 3D 14D
    80E 36DD 36DD/E 95E 3DD 14E
    80F 36E 36DDD/F 95F 3E 14F
    80G 36F 36G 95G 3F 14G
    80H 36FF 36H 95H 3FF 14H
    Smart Mother
    85B 38B 38B 100B 4B 16B
    85C 38C 38C 100C 4C 16C
    85D 38D 38D 100D 4D 16D
    85E 38DD 38DD/E 100E 4DD 16E
    85F 38E 38DDD/F 100F 4E 16F
    85G 38F 38G 100G 4F 16G
    85H 38FF 38H 100H 4FF 16H
    Smart Mother
    90B 40B 40B 105B 5B 18B
    90C 40C 40C 105C 5C 18C
    90D 40D 40D 105D 5D 18D
    90E 40DD 40DD/E 105E 5DD 18E
    90F 40E 40DD/F 105F 5E 18F
    90G 40F 40G 105G 5F 18G
    90H 40FF 40H 105H 5FF 18H